Balaena Computer Mouse

Utilising 3D printing technologies to create a computer mouse.


3D printing allows for forms outside of the regular restrictions of manufacture, which allows experimentation with more natural shapes and textures. I wanted to explore a contrast in forms from the ridges of the whale and the canyons to the soft, undulating waves of the sea to create a design which is visually impactful.


Initial ideas were created through hand sketches then developed through digital sketching using a Wacom tablet.

3D Printing Process

CAD was created in Solidworks, which was then used to generate 3D printed prototypes to test the fits and compatibility of the components. After amending the CAD model following the tests, more detailed 3D prints were produced using higher definition SLS 3D printing. The successful parts were finished using a range of techniques from high gloss spray paint to dyeing the parts to apply a colour ( which was beneficial as the tolerances were not affected).

Final Design

The final mouse design uses contrasting forms and finishes which can only be achieved using 3D printing technology. The level of detail produced in the prints allowed for embossed branding and fine patterns to be used.