Jaro Office Furniture

Research Findings

I wanted to create a office furniture that caters not only to the physical ergonomics of the knowledge worker, but also the emotional well-being of office workers. To understand what those needs were, I undertook research in to the subject, using a range of methods from getting pictures of offices from around the world, sending out surveys and reading research papers from industry leaders such as Steelcase and Herman Miller.


A range of ideas were explored through sketching. This covered break-out furniture, new types of office seating and furniture which adapted to it's use. Ultimately the design direction was to create a range of furniture which could be customised and adapted to the users for their needs.

Technical Development

Once the design had developed to a point ready for prototyping and model making a full set of technical drawings were created detailing all parts of the design including the custom modular inserts and a range of storage solutions.


The prototype desk was made in the university facilities using a range of machines such as CNC routers, vacuum formers, waterjet cutter and metal break press as well as hand finishing. The adjustable screen was also made as a fully working prototype.


A range of cabinets were also designed for the system. They covered a range of options for drawers, cabinets and shelving, and could be easily changed to match the needs of the office. CNC milling on the fronts of the doors and drawers add texture to the furniture, creating a design language for the range.

Additional Seating Space

A key part of the Jaro line-up is the under-desk storage unit, which is made from slightly thicker material and had a cushioned lid so it can be used as a seat for impromptu meetings.

Moving Screen

A counterweighted internal mechanism allows the users to raise and lower the patterned screen depending on their own need to focus and have some visual privacy. This works by simply pressing to release the runners, then positioning the panel to the desired height.

Desk Dimensions

The desk is at a comfortable working height, with the panel height ranging between 395.2mm to 630mm.

The Range

The range also includes a 120º angled desk which offers more desk-space and flexibility in placement within the office.