U&co Watches

Creating a 3D printing service for custom watches.


After looking at 3D printing for a while for a range of projects, we worked out one of the best uses for it commercially is producing one of a kind products. Through ideation and research we discovered that watches were one of the best candidates for custom 3D printing as they are small and personal items to begin with and there’s a real lack in the market for stylish customisable watch.


Taking the idea of a customisable watch required consideration of the parts of the watch and how these could be pieced together in a way which meant they could be custom, but maintain a stylish aesthetic. Through sketching we developed a design for the case and watch back which allowed many options for personal patterns with a minimal amount of parts, which makes the logistics of customisation more manageable.

Watch Development

The sketches progressed in to sketch models, beginning with rudimentary card mock-ups to determine size and shape. From this we began testing the fit of the parts using FDM 3D prints then used SLS 3D printing to sample the level of detail we could achieve with the pattern options.

Watch Design

The final watch design uses colour and patterns for the customers to create personalised designs. Options such as sound waves from recordings and Braille messages add an even more personal touch to the watch.

U&co Service

As part of the brand, we also designed a website service for this, where customers can make their selection, upload new patterns and designs and contact our design team. From here we can 3D print or use one of our other key manufacturing methods, then send out your watch.